Kinky Shamanism

The twelfth Kinky Friendly Family party awaits all the most delicious, hot, and passionate
Let us call upon our sexual spirits to merge with us in ritual dances and give free rein to our otherworldly energy.
Or maybe we want to light a pipe of peace and show everyone our totem animal!
The drums are already playing, hurry up to buy your ticket and start inventing for yourself a shaman costume made of bison skin and feathers.

Kinky Party "Christmas Masquerade"
Kinky Passion Chemistry
Kinky CyberPunk
Exotic Kinky Animals
Broadwalk Empire

Once upon a time, all the raging stories of this world were invented and told. And we will recreate the hottest of them on the night of December 24th at the seventh Kinky party.
This time we didn't have to invent anything, for us everything came up with one spicy book in the Middle Ages, during the times of free-thinking, lust, treachery, and love. Immerse yourself in the dark medieval world with us at the Kinky Decameron party.
A new book begins and we will create its stories together with the abbot and monks, ladies and messirs, maidservants and servants, musicians and robbers ...
You can tell your story on December 24 from 23.00, be prepared to be in the center of events.
To find yourself in such an exquisite society, do not forget to put on a suit. But not everyone can get into this story, there will be about as many invitations as there are short stories in the Decameron collection.
Deep Space Odyssey

Somewhere in our Universe in some secret place once at every 300 sols arises the hottest events in all the known space.
There, you may satisfy all your fantasies, even those you were embarrassed to dream about.
There, deep in outer space, cosmic representatives of all races and species are waiting for you,
ready for the realization of your deepest and most dirty desires.
No one will ever know about it,
but your emotions will be impressively unrealistic and will live within you forever!
KinkyCorp has started registration on the tour to the hottest galaxy's locations!
Our Deep Space Odyssey is a study of the most secluded places of your soul on a secret spot K73.
Starship "Euphoria" will fly on October 26 at 22:00 so, get ready for the action.
Prepare your best spacesuit, cause the dress-code is Cosmo Futurism.

The tickets are available on our website at a price of 800 UAH.

And of course, you can get a ticket at the entrance for the price of 1200 UAH.
Cross Dress CARNAVAL

The whole world - CARNAVAL!

Event party Kinky Friendly Family & Ukrainian Burners

Held on September 17, 2019 in the format of Cross Dress Carnaval on the territory of the Burn community in the Kurenivka recreation center

The main idea of the evening was to try yourself in the image of the opposite or third sex. Discard the gender husk and dream up what it feels like to be yourself.

Kinky Friendly Family thanks its partners and members.

Βάκχος Midsummer

We invite you to plunge into the space of ancient mysteries and ecstatic cults with frantic dances, exciting music!

On the summer solstice, touch the tradition of honoring Dionysus - the god of vegetation and winemaking, inspiration and religious ecstasy!

Kanamara Matsuri is a Shinto holiday celebrated annually in the Japanese city of Kawasaki.

According to legend, the demon fell in love with the goddess Izanami, and when she rejected him, took possession of the intimate part of her body and began to bite off penises for those who were more fortunate.
Kanayamikiko and Kanayahimime, the gods of mining and blacksmiths, came up with a professional solution: they forged an iron phallus, about which the demon broke its teeth.

Those who sought patronage in fertility, safe birth, conjugal happiness and protection against sexually transmitted diseases, began to turn to these gods, as well as to the result of their creation - the iron phalos.

On this day, we invite you to join this wonderful tradition to ask the iron penis for protection from love diseases, and at the same time indulge in the causes of their occurrence, not forgetting about contraception!


We heated two floors of the club illuminated by ultraviolet so that we want to take off the excess, and paint you with fluorescent colors. And yes, you can also be total naked. Unrealistic lighting hides facial features, but allows you to create an image with those accents that really excite you.
Bright erotic performances tune into a sensual wave, lambrusco bubbles add lightness, and music from our DJs add sensuality.
At the FLURINESCENT party, all the conditions for the realization of erotic fantasies are created.
You choose what you want to try and how far you are willing to go, and we will provide you with a safe and inspiring space for a sensual experience.


When melancholy settles in the soul, the vanity of everyday life calls for the search for an alluring and mysterious.

Salvation from the spleen is a stormy holiday, salvation from vulgarity is an elegant refinement.

Decadence is provocation and bare nerves, lush lace around whitened wrists and romantic longing, which makes you hungry for the sublime and mysterious. This is the contrast of sensuality and symbols, earthly and sublime.

Refined and stormy methods of self-expression and gloomy grace of the decadent era!

Live music from the hypnotic More Forest complements the atmosphere.


Project group on sexuality.
Create a positive sex space and community.

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